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Our history

We are Philipp and Moritz

Welcome to the jungle.

Exotica Brunch was born from the idea and experience in the restoration of Philipp and Moritz, two great friends from Bolzano, northern Italy. In 2022, they moved to Barcelona and from Barcelona they began their ambitious gastronomic project called Exótica Brunch. On the one hand we have Philipp and his team, in charge of preparing and preparing the different dishes with great detail and love. On the other hand, and in front of the room, Moritz, who together with his team provides the service, attending to the guests and taking care of their well-being.

Exotica is synonymous with avant-garde cuisine where innovation and creativity prevail, aesthetics play a very important role and flavor is the main protagonist. To do this, they have suppliers of high quality and prestige in the sector such as "Forn Provenca" and "La Fabrique." We encourage you to immerse yourself in a great gastronomic experience in every sense and let yourself be pampered by one of the best brunch restaurants. from Barcelona We apologize in advance for having whetted your appetite!

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